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Skippy Jon Jones-Make Believe play- Child photographer

It is time again for me to participate in a round of a blog carousel. I am participating with many of my photographer colleagues around the world.

This month the theme is : Make Believe

Skippy Jon Jones dress up and make believe.Imaginary play, Child photographer

I was actually kind of excited about this month’s theme. I rarely feature my own children here on my blog, as I use this blog mainly to showcase my work and my clients and their children. So with this theme I thought I would dust off some of my “old” images and show off one of my own children. When I learned about the theme for this month, it made me realize how quickly my children are growing up and how glad I am to have these joyous playful moments of my son documented.

My boys are now at that age when make believe playing is not happening very often, but I remember those days fondly (and it wasn’t that long ago….).  I knew exactly what photographs I wanted to use this time. These images I am sharing, I actually captured over a span of two years. The first two sets are from the fall of 2009  when my son was six years old, and the last one is the summer of 2011 when he was eight years old.

What I am showing is how my youngest son M is pretending to be the storybook character Skippy Jon Jones. He loved reading those books and I made him his own cape so he could pretend he was Skippy Jon Jones. He played with this cape on and off for a few years and even included our dogs in the play a couple of times. These days M and his older brother have moved on to read chapter books. When I showed him these photographs he remembered happily how much he loved to read the Skippy Jon Jones books when younger, and they are still proudly displayed on his book shelf in his room. If you are not familiar with Skippy Jon Jones, I highly recommend that you check them out for your family. You can find more information about them here:

Pretend play- make believe dressing up as Skippy Jon Jones

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She will also have a link at the bottom of her post linking to one of the other photographers participating and that photographer in turn will have a link to another photographer show casing their interpretation on this month’s theme.

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