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Hotwheel playing boy, toy car collector,

It is that time of the month when I participate in a blog carousel with several other photographers in many other states and some other countries. The blog carousel is when we have a different theme that we choose to interpret and photograph every month. It is a great way to stretch our self artistically and think out of the box from our regular daily job as professional photographers.

This time the theme is hobbies. I was torn of what to showcase, my hobby is traveling and I have some great images from our big family trip to Europe last summer, that I thought I would share. Then I thought I should be a little bit more specific with this months topic. So I want to showcase my sons hobby instead this time ( I promise I will make time to share the travel photographs at a later time…soon). He loves Hotwheels and Matchbox cars. He collects them and sorts them and play with them all the time. This started when he was just a couple of years old and he inherited his fathers cars from his childhood.

Hotwheels, Matchbox cars, boy playing with toy cars

The interest has never faded. This son of mine could eat , drink, talk and live cars at all time if he had a choice. He even has written letters to Mattel telling them about some of his little Hotwheels cars and how he thinks they should improve them. Which did pay off as he heard back from them and received some more cars!

These photographs were from just the other day when my son was playing on our porch with some of his several hundred cars.

Hothwheels, Matchbox cars, boy playing with hotwheel cars, toy cars

He even showed me which one was his favorite of the ones he inherited from his dad’s toy car collection. The old police car! Which as you can see have received it’s fair share of love through the years.

I was also told that of the newer cars , this green pickup truck is his favorite!

Here are just a few of my son and even his brother joining in the play. I have so many many more of him playing with cars since he was just a crawling baby boy to now almost a teen. He still loves cars just as much as before and his hobby of learning and playing with cars has just gotten more intense!

Now please check out my photography colleagues that are also participating in this blog carousel, to see their take on this month theme. I look forward to get a glimpse into what their take on hobbies look like! The first one to check out is Season Moore. You can find her blog post right here: Raleigh Durham Newborn & Child Photographer




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