New Families

new-mom.jpgHere are some photographs I want to share of some new families I have recently photographed. It was a pleasure working with them.

This new year is starting out with lots of new little ones arriving and I love photographing them.

If you are expecting a little bundle and want some timeless beautiful captures like these, then contact me to set up your session. A good time to schedule your session is while your still waiting for the arrival and we get can get a date on the calendar.


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Maternity Photography

maternity.jpgmaternity-couple2.jpgIt is a new year and lots of new babies are arriving. Here are a few from some of my recent maternity photo sessions. I thought I would share some of these beautiful radiant pregnant ladies with spouses. Two of these ladies have already had their little bundles and I have enjoyed photographing their new moments. One of them is due to have hers any day.


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Winter Baby

winter-boy2.jpgSneak Peak Time!

I couldnt wait to share these photographs of this adorable little winter boy, and I know little J’s mom is eager to see them as well. So here is a little sneak peak for you while I finish up the rest from this session. We had so many good ones, It is going to be hard for his parents to choose !


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Professionals Get Photographed

_mg_5650-final.jpg04wdel1.JPGI often get the question what do I photograph? The answer is pretty much everything. I do photograph a lot of families with young children, but I also photograph weddings and professionals.

Here are some photographs from a few recent sessions with professionals.

One is Dianne, a magazine publisher that needed updated photograph for her magazine.

The second one is pianist Willis Delony. He just came out with a new CD and this photograph is from the inside of the cd and then I photographed the beautiful painting made by his daughter to be used as the cover of the album.

The last is the LSU Norem Brass Quintet that needed an updated photograph of their group.

As you can see I photograph all kinds of settings and situations. I very much enjoy the challenge to photograph different kinds of sessions. Just like these featured professionals that needed updated photographs for their professional coureers.


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Four Month Old Cutiepie

four-month-l.jpgThought I would share some of this sweet little girl. She is one of my baby-planner clients and this was from her four month old session. She is such a sweet little one. She was in a great mood and kept smiling almost the whole session.

I have a baby-plan that covers the milestones from birth to one year. It is a great way to capture the memories from your child’s first year.

If you are interested to find out more about it, check out my FAQ under information on my portrait side of my website.


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