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It’s My Party and I Cry If I Want To…….

I am just having a great time picking titles for my blog posts. Sometimes the images reminds me of titles  from old tunes. Anyway, this is sweet and handsome little H. This was the third time I had the opportunity to photograph him and his parents since he was newborn. This time around we chose […]

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Love Is In The Air……

November must be the month of love. I have three weddings coming up in that month. I would have to say it is a perfect time of the year for a south Louisiana wedding. The weather is now comfortable and the beautiful fall colors are around. Here are the couples and these photographs are from […]

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Tender Sweet Sibling Love

Meet little miss M and her big brother A. This was a fun session. Little Miss M was such a sweet little girl and to the session her big brother came along. He was a very caring brother. He kept an eye on her the whole time, from feeding her a bottle if she needed […]

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Shiny Happy People….

Meet happy and sweet little B. Every time I look at her photographs I think about that REM song , shiny happy people. She was so happy the whole time and had the most contagious smile I had seen in a long time. Also she takes after her pretty mom with that long gorgeous hair. […]

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Prima Ballerina

Look at this pretty ballerina. She was so sweet and seemed to love to play in my tutu’s. This is little Ms. C and she is just graduating from my babyplan. She has changed alot in the first year. From a small little peanut that was only a couple of days old the first time […]

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Outside Fun

I had this session with these two siblings and their parents. It was when it was a hot as a summer day outside, but we still got many fun moments captured. Little sister was just about to take off and was not sure if crawling after all was faster then trying to walk her self. […]

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