Blog Carousel-Natural Spot Color

Orchid, bright colors in dreary rain, Fine art photographer Baton Rouge

It is time for the blog carousel again. This months theme is natural spot color.

I honestly struggled with this theme. We have had so much rain lately it has been hard to figure out what to photograph and when to photograph it due to all rain. I finally decided to just embrace the rain and photograph my choice of spot color in the middle of that.

My first image is of my orchid , captured in the rain. I love how beautiful the flowers are and they definitely stick out as a spot of color in the midst of this dark dreary weather we have had so much of lately.

The other two photographs I chose is of Henry, our beagle. He has been a bright spot of color in our back yard, in the middle of all the rain. He really loves to play outside and do not care if it rains or not. As a matter of fact I have a really hard time getting him to come back inside even when it is pouring down like torrential down pour.

Beautiful Beagle in the rain, classig beagle portrait, Dog photographer

So here he is parked in the middle of a puddle of water on our patio. My little ray of sunshine in the midst of all this rain!

These photographs are my take on this month theme of natural spot color.

Close up of beautiful Beagle dog. Dog portraits, Fine art pet photographs

Please check out my colleagues and talented photographers  by following the circle of all participating in this blog carousel. I am curious to see their interpretation of this months theme. Please start by  clicking on this link to see Kim Prochazka interpration of the natural spot color theme. You can find her’s by clicking on this link:

Wedding and Portrait Photographer Central New York

Kim is a Wedding and Portrait Photographer from Central New York. At the bottom of her blog post you will also see another link to another photographer that is participating in this carousel.

You may wonder what a blog carousel is? It is a group of photographers that posts and share some photographs created with a certain theme in mind. Our little group try to do this about once a month. It is a way for us to photograph something different then we do on a regular day to day basis with our jobs. I have really enjoyed being part of this group and to find a way to think a little bit out of the box and try to come up with my interpretation what ever the theme might be.

Until next time , enjoy the spring!

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