Little Ball Player- Child & Family Photographer Baton Rouge

Handsome toddler boy with long eye lashes, big brown eyes on toddler boy, African American little boy

Meet handsome and adorable A. He used to be on my grow with me baby plan and this was from his last session in the baby plan. He is no longer a baby as you can see. He is now a fast moving toddler who knows what he likes to do.

Little boy playing with a boll

Little A loves to play with balls. He brought along some balls with him to the session and as you can see he wanted to play with them the whole time!

little toddler boy kicking a ball

It has been great to photograph little A since he was a tiny little newborn , to now an active and fast toddler boy. Here are just a few of the many beautiful captures from this session. If you would like great photographs like these of your child then contact me ( Anna-Karin) to setup a time for your session. You can do so by either calling (225-284-6354) or fill out the contact form here on my blog-website.

Toddler boy with football, little ball player,

If you are interested in my photographic grow with me baby plan please check out the FAQ section here on my website. It is a great way to make sure your child has been documented well during those first fast fleeting milestones in their life.

I hope to hear from you and look forward to work with you!

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