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Garlic chive, growing buds, about to bloom

It is time for the blog carousel again. This month the theme is “So Long Summer”!

If you are wondering what a blog carousel is. We are a group of photographers spread all over the country and some in Canada as well,  who participates in this blog carousel on a regular basis. We decide on a a different theme every time around, and then we each can choose how to interpret this theme.

Garlic chive about to bloom

With the theme this time being “So Long Summer” I was trying to figure out what to feature. As I live in the south of Louisiana. We still have a couple of months with very warm weather still going on. So I was trying to figure out how to interpret this theme, while it still feels hot like middle of summer.
For the past couple of weeks I have had fun photographing my garlic chive in my yard and the stages of bloom it has gone through. I personally really enjoy using my macro lens and often when it comes to a project for me, I use that to photograph with. From the beginning of this project, the buds were smaller then my pinky finger nail. So it was fun to see it grow and change over the past couple of weeks.

Garlic Chive about to bloom, budding garlic chive, macro of garlic chive

So this will be my take on this theme, as I have watched this chive grow all summer long and now at the end of the summer, it has finally come to bloom!  Right now the garlic chive is at the end of it’s bloom. You will be able to see in the photographs the stages I have captured of this beautiful flower part of the chive, from bud to wilted flower.

Beginning blooming garlic chive flower buds

Please also check out the other talented photographers participating in this carousel. You can do so by start with visiting my talented friend Danna  and see what she thought of this theme.

She will have a link at the bottom of her blog post to another participating photographer. You can see Danna’s blog post here:

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